In only a few weeks, Sophia helped me breakthrough what had taken years to address in therapy! Sophia helped me connect to my feminine energy & confidence after being shut down for years living only in my masculine.

Jenay, USA

Sophia’s focus is on your self-growth and reconnecting to your essence and yumminess. Sophia reminds supports and guides you to a place where you feel so super-charged and can finally let go of all the things that have been holding you back. With two young children and a full-time job, I allowed myself to get to a place where I was not being nourished, and where I was continually putting the needs of others before my own. I was burning out and had lost my connection with myself. I felt completely supported by Sophia's intuitive teaching practices, she helped me find the balance in my life, and brought back my joy, inspiration & energy!

Zoe, Australia

I’ve released a big emotional trauma, discovered so much inner love, become a more present parent, felt more playful, and experienced more abundance with the humans I serve by being myself

Jaya, Sweden


I got deeply honest and courageous and manifested unprecedented self-love, which gave me the confidence to start my own coaching business.

Joelle, Canada

I feel like I shed my skin and I’m a new woman!

Jessica, USA

Sophia has taken us through deep shifts within that have enabled me to clear blocks and limiting beliefs and be in a state of "desire & receive". It feels incredible.

Victoria, UK

Sophia really helped me connect into my feminine & feel juicy again.

Felecia, USA

I have gained an increased sense of my feminine power and a belief that really, anything is possible!

Aviva, Australia

I feel like I can rule the world with Sophia’s teachings! I am a better, wiser, nicer, happier, self-loving woman for it!

Sarah, USA

I moved into a new house that matches my energy, I am feeling more connected to my feminine power and not afraid to ask for my deepest desires. I used to settle for "just enough" and now I’m determined to live my life to the max!

Sarah, UK

Do you desire to feel Free, Feminine & Radiant?

Of course you do!