I’ve released a big emotional trauma, discovered so much inner love, become a more present parent, felt more playful, and experienced more abundance with the humans I serve by being myself

Jaya, Sweden


I got deeply honest and courageous and manifested unprecedented self-love, which gave me the confidence to start my own coaching business.

Joelle, Canada

I feel like I shed my skin and I’m a new woman!

Jessica, USA

Sophia has taken us through deep shifts within that have enabled me to clear blocks and limiting beliefs and be in a state of "desire & receive". It feels incredible.

Victoria, UK

I’ve surpassed my own expectations & literally become a completely different person in 3 months!

Jasmin, UK

I felt led and guided, & seeing the instant results that I’d get, was truly magical & empowering. 

Stephanie, USA

Sophia really helped me connect into my feminine & feel juicy again.

Felecia, USA

I have gained an increased sense of my feminine power and a belief that really, anything is possible!

Aviva, Australia

I feel like I can rule the world with Sophia’s teachings! I am a better, wiser, nicer, happier, self-loving woman for it!

Sarah, USA

I moved into a new house that matches my energy, I am feeling more connected to my feminine power and not afraid to ask for my deepest desires. I used to settle for "just enough" and now I’m determined to live my life to the max!

Sarah, UK

I feel so strong and powerful, yet vulnerable and soft at the same time, and I have not experienced anything like this before.

Miriam, Germany

I feel more in tune with my body. She expertly guided me to dive deep into exploring my vulnerability and taught me how to reframe my negative beliefs about my body and connect to my feminine essence.

Michelle, Australia

Do you long to experience the full depth & magic of living Loved-up & Liberated as the Queen you were always meant to be?

Of course you do!