Receive my free Feminine Embodiment practice for Burnout Recovery+Prevention

5mins to calm your busy mind, bring your energy back down into your body & create space for pleasure + aliveness

One of the biggest issues I see with women battling with burnout is disconnection from their bodies & pleasure. 

All the energy is up in the mind - creating looping thoughts, stress, worry…and more confusion.


This practice supports you to redirect your energy from an overactive mind down into the body, tuning you in with her signals & creating space for pleasure.


Receive my free 25min Rebel Queen Meditation

Calling on the Crystalline Ruby Ray. Revitalize your Chakras. Awaken your Rebel Queen. Align to Passion + Power. Unlock Unconditional Love.

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Self Study Options

Rebel Queen Kundalini

Juicy. Sexy. Activating. Fun.

Erotic movement classes to awaken pleasure inside your body & supercharge your feminine radiance.

Lifetime Access + Go at your own pace with these Self-Study classes

Bundles from £44 to £222

Wild Woman Wild Wealth

Unlock the codes for secure relating with money.

75min Materclass

Lifetime Access with this pre-recorded masterclass


Feminine Artistry+Abundance

Dive into your Devotion. Anchor your Artistry. Align with Abundance.

3 Activations + bundle options

Lifetime Access + Go at your own pace with this Self-Study course

Bundles from £333 to £444

Wild Woman

Find your Wild. Free your Expression. Make Bank by being You.

Lifetime Access + 8.5 hours of self-study content inside 6 Activations + bundle options

Bundles from £666 to £777

Wildly Sexy

Become Magnetic to all that you Desire Embrace the full spectrum of your Feminine Essence & Power.

Lifetime Access + 18 hours of self-study content inside 12 Activations + smaller bundle options

Bundles from £444 to £1222


The Full Experience

Lifetime Access + Go at your own pace with these 11 Self-study courses. 31.5+ hours of content. Endless Feminine Embodiment Codes:

  • Rebel Queen Kundalini Dark Goddess Codes
  • Rebel Queen Kundalini Red Priestess Codes
  • Rebel Queen Kundalini Wild Woman Codes
  • Rebel Queen Kundalini Love Goddess Codes
  • Rebel Queen Kundalini Muse Codes
  • Feminine Artistry+Abundance
  • Wild Woman Wild Wealth - a 75min masterclass
  • Wild Woman
  • Love Goddess
  • Siren of Seduction
  • Tantric Muse

Worth £3595

£2222 or 3x £741 (you save £1373)

Curious about working 1:1?

Experience the exponential growth & acceleration that comes with being supported in unconditional love & celebration inside a container designed specifically for you


Sophia helped me get more in tune with myself and develop much more self-esteem, self-love and trust. I feel so strong and powerful, yet vulnerable and soft at the same time, and I have not experienced anything like this before.

Sophia gives practical advice to help you step into your feminine power in a way that wouldn’t be possible without her help. If you want to evolve and breakthrough unhealthy patterns to transform your life, working with Sophia is definitely one of the best things to do!

Miriam, Germany

After working with Sophia, I feel more in tune with my body. She expertly guided me to dive deep into exploring my vulnerability and taught me how to reframe my negative beliefs about my body and connect to my feminine essence. Sophia is an incredible mentor and inspiration! Sophia’s teachings are so simple and easy to follow, yet so powerful in encouraging me to break out of my comfort zone, challenging me, and guiding me in a new direction towards love and compassion for myself and others. With confidence, I highly recommend working with Sophia as a coach.

Michelle, Australia