Feminine Artistry+Abundance

Dive into your Devotion. Anchor your Artistry. Align with Abundance.

FREE 3-Day Pleasure Challenge

Nov 2nd-4th

Rebel Queen Kundalini

Juicy. Sexy. Activating. Fun.

A weekly erotic movement class to awaken pleasure inside your body & supercharge your feminine radiance.

£66 GBP/mo or £22 GBP/class

Wild Woman Wild Wealth

Unlock the codes for secure relating with money.

75min Materclass

£33 GBP

Rebel Priestess

Ignite your Holy Desire.

This 8-week Feminine Mystery School for the Modern Mystic is a deep journey of initiation through the 8 Grail Gates of the womb, to awaken your feminine magic.

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Rebel Queen Codes

1:1 Mentorship

My signature 6-month container for Female Leaders, ready to embody feminine energetics, embrace their full expression, elevate their magnetism & enjoy wild pleasure in their body & biz for a juicy life where success has zero to do with sacrifice. 

£1888 GBP/mo or £11k GBP in full

I learned so much from Sophia, when I started working with her I was feeling really down. I have a great job, love my life...and I was feeling so lonely without a partner to share it with. Sophia really let me be me, she understood me, and the wisdom she shared was priceless! I am now so much happier and in a better position! I feel like I can rule the world with Sophia’s teachings! I am a better, wiser, nicer, happier, self-loving woman for it!

Sarah, USA

Before working with Sophia, I lived alone after a string of failed pseudo-relationships, felt out of myself, worrying about the future, and scared to even vocalise to myself or write down what it was I truly wanted. I was desperate to find a partner but was sick and tired of the search. I was ready for some big changes but didn’t know where to start.

Sophia helped me see the negative patterns and beliefs that I was stuck in and showed me techniques to connect with myself and focus my energy on creating the future I truly wanted. As a result, I moved into a new house that matches my energy, I am feeling more connected to my feminine power and not afraid to ask for my deepest desires. I used to settle for "just enough" and now I’m determined to live my life to the max! I would absolutely recommend working with Sophia- these techniques are so powerful and she has helped me change my life!

Sarah, UK