Hiiii babe,

I'm Sophia

Your Bougie Oracle Bestie here to give you alllll the permission to live out your dream fucking life of sipping champagne, shooting the shit, rolling down hills like you're 5 years old, right into the arms of your hunky hubby...

all while doing some wild, Multi-Dimensional, Generational, Past-Life, Quantum healing...

coz you're deep like that #samesies

Ps. I'm also:

An NLP Master Coach.

A Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®.

A Vedic Astrologer in training (get ready bby, this is about to take my witchy ways to the next ridiculous level)

A Rebel Queen loving my Bad Girl edge - I'm in my Martinis are just as spiritual as Mala Beads era.

My husband's Muse, Oracle & Queen. I spend 70% of my time as a Devotional Housewife, 30% nourishing my body, biz & badass babe sisterhood, & 100% of my time buzzing at how much I love my life, while my sexy hubby holds the provider energy like an absolute champ.


I’m here to support you in making the Quantum shifts that will allow you to easily & effortlessly let go of the past & rapidly transform your life to experience the love + devotion you've been craving for 10 lifetimes at least.

I see you, Queen, let's play.


Receive my free Feminine Embodiment practice for Burnout Recovery+Prevention

5mins to calm your busy mind, bring your energy back down into your body & create space for pleasure + aliveness

One of the biggest issues I see with women battling with burnout is disconnection from their bodies & pleasure. 

All the energy is up in the mind - creating looping thoughts, stress, worry…and more confusion.


This practice supports you to redirect your energy from an overactive mind down into the body, tuning you in with her signals & creating space for pleasure.


Receive my free 25min Rebel Queen Meditation

Calling on the Crystalline Ruby Ray. Revitalize your Chakras. Awaken your Rebel Queen. Align to Passion + Power. Unlock Unconditional Love.

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Receive a free 45min Yoni Egg Meditation for Abundance

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Feminine Leadership Podcast

Feminine Leadership is the podcast for High Achieving Women desiring to Release Good Girl Guilt, Recover from Burnout, Reclaim Pleasure, Revive their Feminine Radiance & Rise into the Next Level of their Leadership.

Join your host, Sophia Le Page, as you unite your Dynamic Drive + Determination with your Divine Feminine Vision + Desire to create Sustainable Success in your Life, Love & Business.

I knew Sophia was the chosen one for me when I first saw her. When I started to work with Sophia, I had done some exploring with being in my feminine energy, setting boundaries, and surrendering within relationships both mental and sexual, as well as receiving more abundance. 

Since joining FemFire Codes and Sophia’s Rebel Queen Codes VIP 1:1 Mentorship, I’ve released a big emotional trauma, discovered so much inner love, become a more present parent, felt more playful, and experienced more abundance with the humans I serve by being myself. 

I totally recommend Sophia as a coach. She is a gift by being herself, giving her brilliance with so much love, and creating a safe space. If you want to be totally free in all areas of your life, you need Sophia. She is changing the world every day.

Jaya, Sweden

I received so much value from my time with Sophia, her juicy energy inspiring me to be fearless and brave.

I got deeply honest and courageous and manifested unprecedented self-love, which gave me the confidence to start my own coaching business.

Sophia held a sacred space for me to explore, express, uncover, develop and share my gifts with the women I now mentor!!!! I feel juicy, feminine, sexy & more powerful than I ever have before! I urge you to sign up to work with this GODDESS immediately!! The investment you will make will be the most incredible gift you can give to yourself

Joelle, Canada

I am immensely blown away time and time again for the amount of love and support that radiates from Sophia.

The best part is, I can actually RECEIVE all of this love because, already, Sophia has taken us through deep shifts within that have enabled me to clear blocks and limiting beliefs and be in a state of "desire & receive". It feels incredible.

I'm a Transformation Coach myself and have spent years (and thousands of pounds!) on personal development, psychotherapy, counseling etc which have helped me immensely but haven't experienced the profound shifts I am experiencing now, in this sacred container of feminine love and light. We are not only making mindset shifts, but we are also embodying changes and stepping into who we desire to become. I could honestly type for hours expressing how blessed I feel to be part of this and how transformational Sophia's way of coaching and mentoring is.

Thank you, Sophia, for your love, light, energy, and belief in each and every one of us. I literally love you so much! Love and high vibes, Victoria.

Victoria, UK