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Feminine Frequency Podcast Ep. 190 Pleasure as the Pathway to Manifest Your Desires + Feminine Artistry

What host Amy Pamensky has to say..."In this episode, we talked about Sophia's journey, the Beauty of Coming Home to Yourself, what Pleasure is & Staying Connected to your Pleasure, Working, Alignment & Containment & how we are always Creating & Feminine Artistry."


Nutmeg Radio Podcast Ep. 23 Sex and the Feminine

What hosts Nadia Hicks & Lauren Glading have to say..."Yum yum yum, this week's episode is a little sweet, a little spicy, and all-round delicious with the beautiful Sophia Le Page. In this episode, we go deep into Feminine Embodiment, why we become disconnected from our Feminine Essence, Collapsing Time with Transformation, Awakening your Sexual Energy, Healing with Yini Eggs & Crystal Pleasure Wands, the Truth about Vibrators, Receiving Pleasure in Sex & Life & why we push Pleasure away ."

Embrace your Feminine Essence Podcast Ep. 41 Igniting your Feminine Magnetism & Opening yourself Up to living a Desire-led, Body-based & Pleasure-filled life

What host Lynda Stretton has to say..."In this jam-packed episode, we chat about owning our worth, feminine magic & embodied erotic leadership, through the power of pleasure.

We dive deep into Sophia’s journey which included exploding and destroying the life she was living at 34 years old, and the many healing modalities she has since used along the way, including plant medicine, tantra, ecstatic and erotic dance, and sacred sexuality.

Sophia explains how she ignited her own feminine magnetism, opened herself up to living a desire-led, body-based & pleasure-filled life, & how she now guides other women to do the same. This episode is so juicy. I hope you love it."

Fearless Female Voice Podcast Ep. 56 Discover your Feminine Magic

What host Chandni Chavda has to say..."On this episode Sophia talks to us about connecting with our womb, connecting to yourself and your energy, our perceptions of our periods, differences between masculine and feminine energy and how we can use these to our advantage.

This podcast was fascinating for me and I learned so much about how women can work with their bodies rather than against them. It’s perfect for those wanting to learn more about connecting to yourself on a different level. I know you’re going to love the listen."

Living Free Podcast Ep.25 Embracing your Inner Wild Woman

What host Tanja Hirsch has to say…”In this conversation I dive deep with my dear sister Sophia le Page, a full embodied Wild Woman and Priestess, living in Bali.

Sophia shares her own personal story and how she went from being the “good girl“ to stepping into her power and desires to create a life full of magic and freedom. 

She shares powerful tools that helped her get there and unlock her inner wild woman that stands up for herself.

We talked about the different kinds of Women’s Archetypes and their shadow aspects. We dove deep into the Wild Woman Archetype and how to age gracefully without fear. It’s a really juicy, powerful conversation full of feminine wisdom.”

PS I Love Me Podcast Ep. 11 Learn How to embody the 'Rebel Queen' and get everything you wish for

What host Gina Swire has to say... "We talk about how attracting a consciously evolved partner starts with your own conscious awareness, how you shine a different glow when you and your body are a team, and how we all need to stop listening for the truth outside ourselves and trust our intuition."

Words Are Spells Podcast Ep.11 The Goddess, the Siren & the Muse

What host Luna Veronica Mystic has to say…”We discuss leaning towards the edge of the uncomfortable in life, while claiming clarity + discovering and diving deeper within the feminine archetypes to give yourself permission to live life to its fullest.”

Spiritual Twenties Podcast Ep.12 Sacred Relationships & Growing through Discomfort

What host Paige Oxley has to say…”This episode we covered sacred friendships, treating all relationships with love and respect, codependency, and why ghosting is actually hurting ourselves.

We talked about how and why to attract high vibe relationships, why we need to get over our allergy to the word "no" , growing through discomfort, and even how to approach making divine connections online. We packed so much into this hour, buckle up.”

Spiritual Twenties Podcast Ep.08 Heartbreak to soulFULL

What host Paige Oxley has to say…”We covered a lot but the highlights include moving out of heartbreak, realizing you're whole on your own first, how we lose ourselves in relationships, and how we can claim what we want…in life and in all of our relationships.”

Embracing Human Podcast Ep.20 How to Rise after a Breakup

What host Taryn Raine has to say…” we chat about our own divorce experiences and the growth Sophia went through after cheating on her first husband. She shares so many powerful lessons around how to heal the patterns that keep us in repetitive, unfulfilled relationships, and what to do to shift from broken-hearted into a fierce queen.”

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